17 August 2010

The beginning of the end...

There's many things I swore I'd never do, never drink again (fail), never sit another exam (fail), never buy an iPhone (epic fail), and never write a blog (pa..oh, wait a minute, fail). So this is probably the beginning of a slippery slope into the unwashed masses of online commentators; the opinionated invisible authors and editors, preachers and philosophers. All jostling for position with their witty insights into the people they sat next to on the bus, or the under-appreciated history of the 1973 fifty-pence piece they got in change from a vending machine at lunchtime.

So why am I writing this if I'm determined to mock other the millions of other bloggers out there in this vast concept they call the internet? Plainly because I thought it was about time I collated my ambles about the country in a single location, where I'm not tied to the whim's and fashions of other sites. And really, who uses paper these days anyway?
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