28 August 2010


Having read through my write-up of the Six Pints for Six Dales Trail I've decided that whilst the route's good and I really like the concept, it's just too much of a bleedin' mouthful... 

"So what did you do at the weekend?" "Well, I did all 38 miles of the Six Pints for Six Dales Trail"  

It hardly rolls off the tongue does it?  So without further ado I present ... The Six Ales Trail. With flashy web 2.0-esque logotype too.

In other news I'm presently in the final planning stage for the second stage of the route.  It'll start in Blubberhouses and then wind it's way to either Pateley Bridge or possibly Gouthwaite Reservoir, the final decision depending on availability of good pubs en-route.
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