1 January 2011

Year in Review : 2010

So that was 2010 eh? Definitely had its ups and downs; planetary, politically and personally - there was turmoil across the board in the last 12 months.

Globally there's been floods and earthquakes (not forgetting yesterday's 7.1 in Chile) on a near unprecedented scale creating numerous humanitarian disasters. 

Britain saw it's worst winter in living memory with the potential for another to follow in the next few weeks; I had the displeasure of living through Sweden's worst in over 40 years (-38 plus windchill is not fun).

Politically we saw the end of an era of broken promises, to be replaced with, unsurprisingly, yet more broken promises and a fragile coalition. All the while 10,000 of our brave service-personnel are wondering what they're still doing in Afghanistan...

But enough of the mundane; on the plus side an unintentional return to the UK got me off my arse and out walking again, putting a few scribbled notes, potted histories, soap-box rants, and assorted photos together here on the internet to be read by a (surprisingly) growing audience.

So I'll take a quick moment to thank the faithful readers and say I'd like to promise you bigger and better things for 2011 but I'd probably be setting myself up for a fall.

Speaking of promises and failing to keep them, as its so customary to do so at New Year, here's a few of my personal goals for the next 12 months (the list kept intentionally short as then any I keep to will make for better statistics. Ah, the art of lying with numbers):
  1. Drink slightly less
  2. Walk slightly more - Aiming for 500 miles or better here
  3. Keep manageable schedules
  4. Write more frequently
  5. Procrastinate less
Now to see if I can keep to them. All the best for the New Year, Matt.
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